For those who do not have time to treat hair with laser hair removal

For those who do not have time to treat hair with laser hair removal

My wake hair depilation experience

For those who do not have time to treat hair with laser hair removal
My first hair removal experience was underarm hair.
First of all I got nervous a bit and arrived at an esteem, it is an easy counseling and contract story.
Although armpits are a prominent place, the price is also reasonable compared to other places, as the range is narrow.
Security is three years, it seems that it will also extend for childbirth etc.
And it is the first hair departure start in my life.

First we passed through a private room, changed my clothes and lay down on the bed.
And the esthetician's older sister cut the hair of armpits.
And a hair removal machine will appear with marking.
Set the machine to armpits and shine light.
There was pain and chills.

But I can not bear it. Depilation of both armpits is completed in about 5 minutes, moisturizing is done and it is over.
And I made the reservation for the next hair removal, the first esthetic was finished.

In the next two months until depilation, while armpits got thin hair growing in the meantime it will be pulling and finally getting excited is interesting.
And when the next hair grows it is the second hair removal.
I feel that the pain has also been relieved in the second time compared to the first time.
From this time on, the esthetic building is very beautiful and calm down, so I'm looking forward to going through.
I experienced birth during the three years, so in fact it has gotten beyond more than 3 years of age.
And hair removal at the last armpits.
Arpits already got a little greenery, so I had no idea if I did not look carefully.
Previously, about once every 3 days, I was handling it in the bath, but now I can raise my hands carefully without care.
When saying hair loss, there was a bit of resistance at first, but now that I do not care about armpits, it was nice to pass courage and go through.
I wanted to try other parts as well.

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